Establishment of Tidal Network along east and west coast of Gulf under Seabed Engineering investigations and model studies for Gulf of Khambhat Development Project


Gulf of Khambhat Development Project involves construction of a dam across the Gulf to create a fresh water reservoir in the upstream regions by storing the waters from the rivers Narmada, Mahi, Sabarmati and Dhadar. This requires modeling of the reservoir, its river inputs and water release scenarios. Modeling is also required to study the characteristics of the reservoir once the dam is built, like inundation, mixing of sediments and pollutants which are brought by rivers, stratification characteristics, flushing of sediments and salt water etc which will help in locating the spillways and gates. While this proposal will focus on the modeling requirements for engineering design purposes, some of the issues (like pollutant dispersion, flushing of sediment, etc) will be addressed in the subsequent proposals.

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The modeling of gulf is also required to study the various effects on hydrodynamics and sedimentation downstream of the gulf due to the implementation of the project. These include: the estimation of current speeds in the dam alignment during the construction of the dam and changes in water levels, currents and sedimentation downstream side of the dam.

This proposal includes modeling of the gulf and the oceanography measurements for the mathematical modeling components. More Info >>

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